Saturday, November 28, 2015

Ah, Thanksgiving.

Lots of talking,

walking in the rain,

handwork by the fire,

fog on the windows.

After the food storm, Daisy designed a coat of arms complete with Latin motto for each of the pets and for the family*

and we played a lot of cards and did a lot of puzzles,

and I made soup.

*Our current family motto: "In toto, dictio" (In everything, discussion)
Fitzwilliam: "Amplitudo Sempternum" (Eternal width, dignity, greatness, and grandeur)
Bonnie the lame goat: Festina lente (Make haste slowly)
Sister: "Comam confluctuo" (I wave my plume)


Rhonda Kennedy said...

Look at those poker faces! Do you use a curriculum for Latin or has Daisy learned by immersion ;) I would be interested to hear what you use. Her command is *far* better than my 10 year old's.

Rose said...

How nice to see the boys again! I love the pic of Bella congratulating Grandpa's hand -- and the sneaky shot of the Composer.

Anna said...

No, no, Rhonda, she just thought of what she wanted to say and we translated it with the help of the internet :)

Rhonda Kennedy said...

Got it, thanks! They are very clever mottos!

jenny_o said...

I love the mottos!!!

Polly said...

Those are great mottoes--very clever. Nice job, Daisy!! I used to have a book (when I was a Latin student in high school) that contained all sorts of hilarious Latin phrases--Amo, Amas, Amat and More, I think, was the title. I believe my sister absconded with it years ago. I realize this is nerd humor of the highest order, but it was so much fun. (Along the same lines of The Superior Person's Book of Words, which I have on lockdown so no siblings can take it away from me.)

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