Monday, December 07, 2015

Chocolate Panforte for Giles

I baked Giles' yearly chocolate panforte, a sticky confection filled with dried cherries, honey, and chocolate. 

I shipped it two-day mail, G, so please share with your brother.


Mother B said...

Lucky brothers!! That looks so yum :)

Farrah said...

I hope the boys enjoy the big city and the scrumptious looking dessert.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Anna. I've been reading your blog for a loooong time. The chocolate panforte recipe you posted is delicious! My daughters wanted to chop up the cherries and nuts. No way I said. This is so tasty! It has been copied to my book and is a forever family favorite now. Thank you for your inspiration.
Merry Christmas.
Best regards-

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