Friday, December 04, 2015

Christmas at the Painting Studio

Festive open house tonight at the painting studio. I didn't get there in time to hide my less-favorite works, but oh well.

Downtown was full of Christmas cheer, and the best carollers I've ever heard came in to sing. I think they were top choir students from the university. Truly wonderful.

 These yellow roses are last week's endeavor. I really like them. I've just about discarded my brush. It's all palette knife and finger painting now.

The white roses below were from this week.

Christmas lights on the way back to the car.


Farrah said...

You do excellent work, Anna. It looks like a fun night!

Rose said...

Your painting is really developing isn't it Anna, I do like the yellow roses particularly. Palette knife painting can be a lot of fun I believe, it's certainly popular with "our artists" at our shop, I've known people to make use of old kitchen tools too.

Connie said...

It looks like a wonderful evening . . . your paintings are beautiful and have such a peacefulness about them. They have a calming nature; I love that. All the Christmas lights, music and good cheer . . . It's the most wonderful time of the year :)
Connie :)

jenny_o said...

Your paintings are lovely. It is wonderful to create something beautiful, no matter what the medium, is it not?

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