Monday, December 21, 2015

Four Days Before Christmas

All my children are at home for the week. 

 Giles wandered around today with a camera in his hand.

You can see what he saw, this sunny December day.

Felix working,

and Sister,

Felix reading,

and a bird.


Rose said...

"All is calm, all is bright". How lovely for you all that all the kids are home!

Lisa said...

Giles' photos are always a pleasure.


Anonymous said...

Your family is lovely. I wonder if you would sometime give us some insight into how you navigated the moody teen years. Our children are homeschooled and I was hoping we would skip the moods but alas one child is quite moody. She's withdrawn and not very kind most of the time. She professes faith in Jesus but her behavior toward us shows a disconnect. So disappointing to see a sweet child turn into a moody teenager.~Amy

Polly said...

Such nice peaceful scenes! I like Daisy's shirt with the polka-dots and mouse. Is she doing schoolwork there, or reading notes on Gilbert and Sullivan? :)

I love this week before Christmas. It's peaceful here, too, and anticipatory and relaxing.

donaleen said...

Didn't he see Fitzwilliam? How is he?

Nancy said...

Merry Christmas, Anna! Looking at your blackboard of Scripture, I couldn't help wondering whether you are participating in the study of Revelation in Bible Study Fellowship.

jenny_o said...

And now for the good part of the holidays :)

Loved seeing Frederick (and Sister, although we've been treated to other recent photos of her) :)

Anna said...

Polly, I believe she is working on her year-end 4H notebook.
Donaleen, FW is very well, thanks. He's been sleeping in the same living room chair for a couple of weeks now.
Nancy, I'm not in BSF but I am wrapping up my Bible-in-one-year reading plan.
Amy--not sure what to tell you. That can certainly be part of the territory. I try to be understanding but also enforce some basic rules of courtesy and kindness. This too shall pass!

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