Thursday, July 21, 2016

Ladder Girl

I'm getting too old for this. 

Clara and I have been painting the sewing room this week. Twelve-foot ceilings. Endless walls. Endless windows. She's the ladder girl, and cut in all the high edges perched on a terrifyingly tall stepladder.

We are so close, but won't be able to finish until Sunday afternoon. Oh, to have it behind me!


Eileen said...

Just the idea of emptying my sewing room to paint it makes me a little faint! Good luck!

Christina Gomez said...

I cannot wait to see the finished room!

Anna said...

I can't wait til it's finished!

Farrah said...

Did you get it finished?

Lisa Beth W. said...

Oh, so nice for you to have a ladder girl! :) I was the "ladder lady" a while back when we redid our church nursery. I volunteered to come in at a certain time to help, and when I arrived, a terrifyingly tall step ladder and twelve foot walls that needed cutting in at the top confronted me. I braved it and proceeded with much fear and trembling and also some praying that no one would have to pick me up off the cement flooring, esp. when the other volunteer had to leave and I was on my own toward the end.

Looking forward to pics and glad that you are done!

Anna said...

Finished! And have set the sewing machine back up --whew! Just in time for Daisy to get inspired to sew a pair of shorts.

Janice Poulsen said...

Dear Anna,

I would love to see your newly painted sewing room. I have just finished turning my extra bedroom into a sewing room for myself!! Lots of paint and moving furniture around and I have a room where I can be creative!! I would love to see your room and the storage ideas that you use. How do you store your patterns and the many other things that go along with sewing including fabrics that you pick up here and there? Can't wait for you to share.


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