Wednesday, May 03, 2017

The To Dos

I'm very happy with my current system--a notebook that sits out on the corner of the kitchen island. On Sunday afternoon I write out the upcoming week on a two-page spread.

Although I could do this on a computer, or re-use laminated sheets, I benefit from the re-commitment of rewriting my tasks each week--even the ones that repeat every day. 

I don't color-code my tasks--I just use pen to write them out--but I do use either warm or cool Prismacolors each day to mark out the things I've done. That's my treat.


Anonymous said...

Oh I love the idea of crossing things off with Prismatic pencils! And I've been longing to return to paper too. I purchased a beautiful kelly-green planner for this purpose, but have yet to use it. I am pulling it out *today*.

-Michele N.

Carol Slater said...

It is interesting that you do the colors to mark things out. I usually have a list going somewhere that is my to do. I never seem to finish it but I continually work on it.

Polly said...

I am a lifelong devotee of pen and paper as well. that will never change. And I too make a daily list and write down *everything*--even the things that I do every day!

The thing that strikes me about this post (other than the prettiness of the prismacolor mark-off-system) is how our handwriting seems almost identical. To the point of being a little creepy. It was like looking at something I had written.

(I also had that experience with Annie Dillard, when she wrote me a postcard once, so we're in good company.)

Mona said...

Hi Anna. I love your colorful system. Could you tell me the name of that planner? Thanks.

Rozy Lass said...

Great Idea! Similar, but improved, to what I use. Thanks for the tip.

Anna said...

Mona, it's the B5 Cahier de Taille. Made by Spice Co which sells a few things on Amazon, but I bought this perfect-for-me notebook at Kinokuniya in NYC. I loved it so much I asked Bella to bring me back more on her last trip, and she did!

Polly, that's bizarre! :)

I love paper!

Natacha said...

I'm a list person too!

Antonia Smith said...

🙋 I am a list and paper planner gal too!

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