Monday, June 05, 2017

Zinnias at The Meadows

After dinner the Composer and I drove over to The Meadows (Felix's house) to deliver that lucky boy a load of goat manure. 

Marriage certainly changes people. Felix has become a super-gardener, and Molly, who grew up in New York and its surroundings, has started carrying a pocketknife so she can cut flowers whenever necessary.


Christina Gomez said...

Lol. Beautiful though.

Melissa said...

If you don't mind sharing, what kind of job does Felix now have?

Lisa said...

And I'll bet when you were single, you never thought you'd be delivering manure anywhere!

I imagine Felix will do very well with his gardening as he seems to immerse himself in whatever he's into. My brother has taken over the garden this year, and it's so neat and organized - looks way better than my little arrangement used to. He hasn't had time for many years, but now he's returning to it.


Lucille said...

I take from your post the happy thought that at least one of your cars survivied the tree fall.

Anna said...

Felix is working on a master's degree--so he has some free time until August.

We are borrowing Clara's car, and two other cars from friends. Although it looks like we'll be able to keep driving our "totalled" van, thank goodness!

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