Friday, July 14, 2017

Not Everything Has Changed

Daisy's got some sophisticated taste in birthday cakes now--this is Nigella Lawson's Christmas-Spiced Flourless Chocolate Cake with a glazed almond and fresh orange juice topping. I sent pieces home with Elliot and Emma to the Stone House. "Eat it when you can concentrate."

But not everything has changed. She still loves fried okra,

just like when she was littler.


Eileen said...

Looks delicious!! And I have to thank you for sharing your almond cake recipe. I made the chocolate version for a friend who eats gluten free and it got rave reviews!! My daughter had some of the leftovers and asked me to make it again-thanks!!

Lucille said...

Elliott and Emma? I'm confused.
Happy Birthday Daisy. I could never abide okra. I think maybe it was the way it was cooked.btoo slimy.

Lucille said...

Ignore last comment apart from birthday greetings to Daisy! I lost track of who was where. For some reason I had it in my head that Felix and Molly lived in the Stone House.

Polly said...

Happy birthday, Daisy!!! Some things change, but love of okra remains.......:)

That cake looks scrumptious, especially for those of us who don't do much in the way of gluten. Is it in one of Nigella's books?

Unknown said...

Lol sweetness! Happy birthday Daisy!

Margo said...

oh, adorable! I barely recognize the grown-up Daisy. Oh my goodness. That cake sounds amazing, too.

Jennifer said...

Those are darling pictures! Happy birthday, Daisy.

Elliott and Emma and the Stone House...sounds like a fairy tale...or something out of an LM Montgomery novel at least. So charming!

Anonymous said...

I know you all knit and crochet. Do you have a favorite pattern for a dishcloth or washcloth you could share?

Thank you,



Lisa said...

The cake looks so appealing, and sounds very interesting.


Anna said...

Renee, I'm sure that Pinterest is full of them! I tend to just knit a garter stitch square.

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