Friday, September 02, 2005

Art Walk

Tonight our little town had its very own Art Walk. Downtown businesses each sponsored an artist who was invited to set up a small show of their artwork, and everyone served drinks and snacks. I set up some watercolor collages at the ancient corner drug store. One entire wall boasts Breyer horses, including some special Holiday Editions from several years ago. Also many retro drugstore products I had never seen before and couldn't imagine anyone buying.

The family stopped in to see me towards the end of the evening. Daisy, my one year old, quickly commandeered two small plastic dogs for herself, then demanded M&M's off the snack table. Bella, age 8, gave serious consideration to the purchase of a sparkling, purple furry phone--a REAL phone--despite the fact that she has no phone jack. Decided against it.

I did sell one piece: the watercolor I had mistakenly labelled with way too low of a price earlier in the day. But it was nice not to have to carry it home.

I can see why people like nightlife.

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