Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Best Tea Ever

Every morning the alarm goes off at 6:45 and is a sort of starting gun for my daily contest with Daisy: will I or won't I be able to tiptoe past her door and into the kitchen to get my tea made before she wakes up? It's usually a draw--I get out in the kitchen and *start* the tea before she starts to bellow for rescuing.

I love my tea. I used to drink my tea through a glass darkly, with teabags from the grocery store. But now I have seen the light and order my loose tea from The lovely Houseguest Elyse introduced me to this economical treat by bringing a bag of the most fragrant, delicious tea imaginable--Cream Earl Grey--into my kitchen. I have never looked back, and have since then ordered many inexpensive tins from this website. English Breakfast is my morning standby, Irish Breakfast is a nice alternative, and the Cream Earl Grey is my after-lunch treat, when the sleepies hit.

The store brand teas (my favorite) come in big round silver tins which are also good for holding Felix's magnetic marbles.

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Unknown said...

(I'm working my way through your archives)
I love my local tea shop! All loose teas - my favorite is the signature blend: lavender and honeybee pollen. It smells divine, like fresh garden roses, and has the smoothest, most lovely taste.

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