Sunday, September 04, 2005

Illness and Inconvenience

Once more unable to go to church because of sick children, I am home on Sunday morning with Daisy, who finds herself empowered, rather than enfeebled, by her cold. In fact, yesterday she was able to go the entire day with no sleep at all! The only unpleasant side effect she experiences is the shocking and insulting mess on her hands after she scrubs her itchy nose.

When is it a good time to be sick? I've often resented illness, both mine and my family's, for "stealing" my time. Edith Schaeffer reminds me that, "When illness hits we should remember that this period of time is part of the whole of life. This is not just a non-time to be shoved aside, but a portion of time that counts. It is part of the well person's life, as well as part of the sick person's life."

Read more of her excellent book What Is a Family? for inspiring and practical suggestions for making special time out of down time.

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