Monday, September 19, 2005

The Novels of Raffaella Barker

My trip to England is coming up in 9 days!

The backstory:
Several months ago I loaned two books to my friend Kim: Summertime and Hens Dancing, both by Raffaella Barker (no links to the books today--I would need to harness Giles' genius for that technical feat, and he's busy). They are so wonderful; she draws such a realistic portrait of a mom of three barely hanging on in, living in the country, dreaming of a gracious life and missing by a substantial margin, but having fun anyway. Raffaella Barker can depict children's dialogue like you've only heard it in real life; it is dead on and so hilarious.

After Kim had my books for a couple of weeks, she called me up and said (imagine a magnolia-toned Southern drawl), "You can say no, but do you want to go to England with me in the fall?" Well--yes! We are going to Norfolk, where the books are set (it's rural!), several days in London, and a side trip to the Cotswolds. We both have baby girls coming along--Daisy will be 14 months and Emma 16 months.

The preparations continue apace. Today I ordered my pound notes here at the bank. Daisy's leopard-print mary janes should arrive in time for travel--I've got my fingers crossed.

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