Saturday, November 26, 2005

Salad Every Night

Once we had a sweet family over for dinner, and when the salad was passed, the dad said, "Oh, none for me, thanks. I tried salad once and didn't like it." I'm not sure he's been back for a meal--if he returned he would find out that we have salad every night, almost without exception. Well, sometimes I make that cole slaw exception.

Sometimes the kids are in a salad mood, and fight over who gets more. Sometimes they have to be reminded to take their share. Even Bella, who loves the drama of not liking salad, has no problem eating hers.

Romaine is the lettuce of choice--it's how I was raised--but a big treat is one of those plastic containers with a head of butter lettuce inside and on the outside a sticker saying "It's alive!!!," like a preview to a cheap science fiction movie. The Composer doesn't like me to buy those though because they're much harder to fit into the fridge.

*Schoolhouse "House" Salad*

Romaine lettuce
Dressing: extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar (a sweeter one), and Jane's Krazy Mixed-Up Salt

To make dressing, use a small jar (like from pimentos), and fill 1/3 with oil. Put in almost as much vinegar, and salt to taste. It's best if Giles does this for you, like he does for me. Shake and pour over lettuce. You don't have to use it all tonight.

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