Friday, December 16, 2005

Bird-Watching on the Lake

In honor of Felix we took an afternoon boat trip at the state park, looking for bald eagles on the lake. We scored--we saw their nest, and a big juvenile sitting in a tree.

Fortunately all the children had their brand new ski gear, as it was VERY cold. Daisy had graciously consented to remaining at home and napping with the Composer.

As soon as we settled on the party barge Felix began chatting up the park employee leading the expedition. They had matching bird guides (the gold standard Sibley's), and spent the trip comparing notes on excellent birds they had seen and hoped to see.

We were blessed with a never-ending supply of various ducks, cormorants, pelicans, vultures, and an unforgettable flock of thousands of snow geese which all took off from the water at once, all honking together, their white wings flashing in the afternoon sun.

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