Tuesday, December 13, 2005

New Sewing Projects

Last week I sewed for the girls again, a flannel dress for each from my old favorite Butterick See & Sew 4099. This time I lined the bodice of each with flannel for extra warmth, and drafted a long sleeve by extending and expanding slightly the short cap sleeve cutting lines. I also added bias bands at the wrist (since both dresses were plaid--I love plaid on the bias!). They are very cosy, practical, and comfy. I had enough scraps from Clara's dress to make up a little matching dress for Daisy--it's a tan, gold, and pink plaid. Her sleeves I completely invented since I didn't have enough fabric for anything else, but I love how they turned out.

I also started the Sense and Sensibility 1909 Beatrix Skirt which I have made up before and enjoy. I'm using a *bright* red wool woven which my mother gave me--it has a wonderful drape. This is a fun pattern to put together, with its nine gores. Feels elegant to wear, also, especially in a comparatively heavy fabric.

We had such a cold snap that I was frozen out of my sewing room, with its two drafty doors facing east into the wind, and gazillion old single-glazed windowpanes that I wouldn't trade for anything--so for a few days I had my sewing stuff set up on the end of the dining table. So messy! I truly appreciated being able to move my stuff back out of sight into its rightful place, in the sunshiney, drafty sewing room.

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