Thursday, January 12, 2006

Strawberry Bathroom

I must cop to having a theme room in my house--the Strawberry Bathroom. I realize that a room like this skates perilously close to being Country with a K, but this was not my invention but my inheritance from my family of origin. Many many years ago the tole-painting neighbor was allowed in with her art supplies, and that's where it came from. There are strawberries painted around each of the two windows, and they really are cute. For about twenty years there were enormous (ten inch!) strawberries painted on the side of the tub. Those are gone now. Whew!

Then several years ago I was poking around an antique store in a really little town and found the huge metal sign. The dimensions were a perfect lucky fit and who could argue with the sentiments it expresses? So it came home with us and found a spot beside the tub. But that's a far as I will go. No strawberry towels or knickknacks, but some yummy strawberry glycerine soap might be nice.


Cherish the Home said...

Love this bathroom! How simple and pretty!

Anna said...

Thanks, Mrs. B!

Julie said...

It looks beautiful!

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