Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Decorating Challenge: Day Four

I'm barely squeezing in under the rules tonight--after a *very* busy day, my decorating consists of arranging and setting out the beautiful flowers I was given for Valentine's Day. They didn't cost *me* anything, so they count. The pot of bright rose-colored tulips from Felix are in a green pottery bowl on the dining table, and the pink roses from the Composer are tied in a bunch with string and plopped in a glass pitcher on the round table in the living room. I think it is my first Two Bouquet Day ever!

When we were checking out at Wal-Mart yesterday, Felix put his purchases up on the counter--a big bale of cedar chips (for his chicks), a fifty-pound bag of sunflower seeds (for his bird feeders), and the lovely blooming tulips (for his mother!). Giles remarked drily that it looked as though Felix had a girlfriend--and she's a really big hamster.

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