Thursday, March 02, 2006

Clothesline Raptures

I adore the clothesline.

We had clothesline weather this week, and it's been so nice! I love the smell of line-dried clothes, of course, but I also love how they look hanging on the line, I like being out at the edge of the woods hanging them up, listening to birds and squirrels and checking out the daffodils. I love clothespins; I'm a late-life convert to the old-fashioned peg. I've always used wooden spring clips in the past, but they do tend to fly out of my fingers like catapults, or twist apart. The pegs are great for everything but the bulkiest jeans and towels--and I often hang those out without pegs anyway.

I'm also a late-life convert to the umbrella line, which took some getting used to. We finally realized that aesthetically it just wasn't working to have thirty feet of clothesline stretched across the yard *right* where you wanted to walk to get to the pool, and ordered an umbrella clothesline from Get Organized . It holds about four loads of clothes, so no complaints there. The only drawback is not being able to spread quilts out full length. For that I just use the porch rail, so tacky.

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Anonymous said...

Here in Australia the umbrella style clothes line is standard back yard attire, like you I love hanging out the washing I love the smell of fresh air in the clothes once dry, one of the many joys in my life. Donna

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