Saturday, March 04, 2006

Finally Finished

I don't usually get bogged down with my sewing projects (could it be my approach of making the same pattern over and over and over?), but the big girls' Easter dresses have taken forever! Unfortunately I experienced a Fitting Issues with Clara's and a Fabric Issue with Bella's.

With Clara's bodice I took in the sides *a lot* to get a nice trim fit. Duh, there went my armscye. So I had to recut the armscye curve four times as my lining was already stitched together and so was my fashion fabric. Sigh. Bella's was darted so wasn't as tricky to fit (I am so in love with darts, there are no surprises there!), *but* after completing everything but the zipper installation I realized that the fabric was more transparent that I had thought. The facings showed right through, especially against her gorgeous skin. Ack! Sleeves were already in with the seam allowances trimmed and zigzagged. I took a few days to work up the necessary determination before ripping out all the facings, constructing a lining, binding the armholes, and sort of floating it down the bodice and hand-stitching it over the waist seam.

I am *glad* to be finished and on to the next project! Which happens to be a turquoise play dress for summer, for Daisy, which sports pink, white, and black polka dots and is trimmed in black grosgrain ribbon! Photos to follow. . .

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