Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Back Porch

My back porch has lived a sadly unloved life. Totally protected from the cleaning properties of both rain and sun, it suffers from a build-up of dust and mold, and in fact is usually ignored except as a nice sheltered place to sit during a gentle rain. But: I have decided to reclaim it and make it a nice place to be.

To that end, Giles and the Composer humored me and took down the useless and ugly single rail that ran the length of the porch, and installed a new rail that has an opening in the porch center, and supporting verticals. They nailed down some loose boards as well, and I am embarassed to say, the Composer jacked a sagging corner up. Such is life in an organic (read "decomposing") older wooden house.

A brisk sweeping (a scrub is in the near future), a new pair of potted ferns, a vintage cloth thrown over my little castoff wicker table, and I am liking what I see!


Lucy said...

I have always really envied Americans their porches. I can think of few things nicer than sitting in a swing or rocker and watching the rain. You have made the porch look so welcoming, Anna - if I could fly I'd be over to sit and sip with you there :o)

Anonymous said...

I have just recently found your blog- thru just recently finding Mrs. Wilt @ Sparrows Nest. I am truly enjoying reading- even went back to the beginning and read all your archives. :o)
I live in a 125+ yr old home and I too know the joys of living in an old wooden structure. We have a metal roof and I just love listening to the sound of the rain hitting it. Such a soothing sound.
Your blog is wonderful and I will continue to "check in" and hopefully not be such a "lurker".
Amy W

Anonymous said...

I just had to write about your blog on my blog. I have just so enjoyed reading here and had to share (aka gush). Hope you don't mind.
I would also love to post your link on my blog.
Amy W

Anna said...

Amy W--

Welcome! I'm so glad you're enjoying your read, and feel free to link!


Kelli said...

You did a wonderful job! It looks very the perfect spot to sit and watch the evening arrive.


Isabella in the 21st Century said...

I love your hydrangeas they're such a pretty flower and always remind me of 1930s. I was told that both lilacs and hydrangeas were really popular back then and that's why you find mature ones in houses from that era. Beautiful garden and a great blog. Many thanks for sharing.

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