Thursday, May 11, 2006

"The Duty of Every Woman"

"It is the duty of every woman to attire herself as charmingly as possible, for the pleasure of her friends and all who come in contact with her as well as to aid her advancement in any calling. It is hard not to be self-conscious when unsuitably dressed. It is embarrassing to feel either that clothes are not becoming or that the costume selected is inappropriate for the occasion."

--from Charlotte Rankin Aiken's 1922 book, Millinery


CallaLilly said...

Love the quote! Oh, if only everyone felt that way today!

Anonymous said...

In reading the archives, I came across a reference to a dish called Chicken Country Captain. Sounds intriguing. Could you please share the recipe?


Cherish the Home said...

Love the quote!

I must tell you Anna, I really enjoy your blog and would like to link to yours if that's ok with you.

Blessings and Happy Mother's Day Weekend!

Anna said...

Mrs. B--Of course!! Thanks!

Chrissy--I will post that soon. Don't know how authentic mine is though.

Thanks for reading, ladies.

Lisa said...

I linked to you a while back without asking. Hope that's ok. :)I do enjoy your blog a bunch and I like your kids' blogs, too. I imagine Giles to be a bit like you, just in the things that he notices and the way he expresses things. Just a "mom" hunch. :)

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