Tuesday, May 23, 2006

"Neat and Dainty as a Flower"

"[Her] house was just as neat and dainty as a flower, and that without half the effort [that her aunt made], and no servant at all at present."

--Grave Livingston Hill in Where Two Ways Meet


Anonymous said...

A home that neat and dainty has always been beyond my reach. Certtainly a flower-like level would require the absence of children, messy partners, and pets. So far in later life I find that the very things that sully a home's pristine qualities are the very things that give joy to life. Not that I wouldn't enjoy a modicum of order!

Anonymous said...

I love Grace Livingston Hill books! They are always inspiring to me to live more kindly and beautifully. I know they are just fiction, but fiction can inspire, too! Glad to find another reader of this author out there! (I started her books when my grandmother lent them to me when I visited her for 2 weeks each summer--a happy memory!)

Lucy said...

I think I can do "fresh as a daisy" but perhaps not "beautiful as an orchid"!

And look - no servants either :o)

Anonymous said...

I love Grace books, too--now I'll have to be reading Where Two Ways Met again!

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