Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Scrubbing Madness

The back story is that during last week's routine mopping, trying to get a piece of gunk off my pine kitchen floor, I scrubbed with the bristly brush on the back side of my sponge mop. To my consternation, I realized that I had actually *cleaned* a patch of floor, taking off a layer of grime I didn't even know was there. (Hey, it was wood-colored!) After eyeing that clean spot for a week, I decided to do the whole floor today. Ouch. I am hurting, and I've only done half--but the kitchen is truly huge.

Giles sank a bunch of muscle into it as well, and together we dirtied countless buckets of soapy water. (By dirty, I mean that it looks like Bella took the bucket outside to one of her play kitchen spots and filled it with dirt and a little water!!!). Apparently we have stripped the floor down to its essential pineyness, unadorned by varnish, finish, or any of those effete substances. We are enjoying the pale wood color (of the half we have finished!), and waiting to see how badly it gets messed up in the days to come.

As soon as my muscle spasms subside, I'll finish the room.


Anonymous said...

Just found your blog, following a link from The Sparrow's Nest, and have spent a wonderful hour just now.

Thanks for sharing!


Cherish the Home said...

Ok....after reading that I feel like going and giving my kitchen floor a good scrubbing on my hands and knees! LOL

Lisa said...

Ouch. Take care of that back.

Anonymous said...

I think in decorating circles that grime is called "patina" and usually makes whatever item about 150% more valuble! ;)

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