Saturday, May 13, 2006

Waterfall Today

This morning after breakfast and a quick vacuuming of all the downstairs floors, we left for a hike to this waterfall. We drove for an hour, looked for the barn with an "E" on the side, then parked in the cow pasture and headed down the unmarked (but very clear) trail. This creek has the most amazing rock formation--it drops through a giant rock doughnut shape, a perfect circle, in a fantastic waterfall. Unfortunately, as soon as we got to it I peered down in and my sunglasses fell off my shirt, circled around a few times, and disappeared, exactly as if I had flushed them down an enormous stone toilet. Lucky for me the big boys were already at the next lower level and were able to fish them out from under the fall--after being offered ten dollars for a successful recovery (since the water was icy cold!).

That was our only mishap, however. The kids stayed down in the creek rearranging stones for an hour, and even Daisy, who was in a quiet, contemplative mood, threw in her share of sticks before we hiked back up to the road, enjoyed a picnic, and headed home.


Lisa said...

Sounds like a wonderful time. I love the pensive look on Daisy's face. :)

Anonymous said...

What perfectly beautiful pictures!

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