Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Beany Malone

My best cousin Sally reminded me of this publishing company , which has allowed me to become the proud owner of the entire Beany Malone series by Lenora Mattingly Weber-- books I came to later in life but now love with a passion unspeakable.

The books follow the heroine, Beany, from junior high on up through married life, chronicling her adventures in cooking, decorating the Malone's somewhat shabby home, and well-meaning but ill-advised attempts to meddle in the lives of friends and family.

The early part of the series, set during WWII, has an especially wonderful home-front feeling, and features lots of doughnuts and poached eggs, so that's good.


Anonymous said...

I love how this company has reproduced the original vintage book covers. Sally

Anonymous said...

Thank you SO much for posting about this! We have all but three "Beany's" from library sales (25 cents apiece), but I have never found Something Borrowed, Something Blue.

Another daughter loves Rosamond duJardin, and has always wanted to own Junior Year Abroad.

You've just found me two Christmas presents!!!

Cherish the Home said...

Thank you Anna! I've never heard of these but I'm always looking for new books to read. (o:

Kelli said...

My library has several of these books...they look wonderful! I will check them out this weekend. Thank you for sharing the website.

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of these but they sound like books I would love. Thanks for pointing them out!

Mama Squirrel said...

Found my way here through Like Merchant Ships. I read every single Beany book as a teenager (from the library), and I'm delighted that they've been reprinted (maybe now our local library will replace some of the copies they dumped).

My favourite was the book that explained the problem with "more-thanning" (certain kinds of indiscretion between young ladies and gentlemen) in the most discreet, decorous and even humorous way possible, yet in a way that firmly got the point across.

And I also like the struggles with the step-grandmother's society-page view of reality, particularly in the first book and in Something Borrowed, Something Blue.

Carol P said...

There is a fun and active Beany Malone group at yahoogroups. We welcome new members! It's called weber-l (that's L as in Love).

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