Thursday, June 08, 2006

Small Appliances: Ice Cream Maker

Another one-trick pony, unless you count ice cream and sorbet as separate tricks. . .

I have a little electric Cuisinart with an insert that lives in the freezer. I can pull it out, pour in my ingredients when I'm finishing cooking dinner, and serve soft-serve ice cream for dessert--very impressive! Further, words cannot express how much the Composer loves soft-serve. So.

Divinely clever use of the ice cream maker: A day before making a birthday cake (all our birthdays are summer birthdays), I make a batch of ice cream up. I line my cake pan--the one I will be making the cake in--with Saran wrap or wax paper. When the ice cream has reached its soft serve state, I take it out and pack it in the cake pan. And freeze it. The next day I pop it out and put it between the cooled layers of my birthday cake--and it is a perfect fit, which is very nice if you're trying to make an ice cream cake. I cover everything with chocolate buttercream frosting, and freeze the whole ensemble. So tidy, and so good.

*Schoolhouse Chocolate Ice Cream*

In the blender, whizz together:
1 c. milk
1 c. sugar
1/2 c. cocoa

Gently stir in:
2 c. cream
1 t. vanilla

Freeze as usual in electric ice cream maker. Makes one chubby 9-inch round, or about six servings for after dinner. Depends on how much the Composer eats.


MushL said...

I've enjoyed your blog so much. I just found you acouple of weeks ago. Do you have an old fasioned vanilla ice cream recipe, that you love? My hubby want me to make it more often, thou I don't just LOVE how it turns out

Anonymous said...

Anna - I'm sold on the ice cream! I'm copying the recipe, pulling my ice cream maker out of the basement, stopping by the drive up window of our local dairy, and making ice cream today. Too bad it's only 55 degrees today! Thanks for all the great ideas! I'm really enjoying your blog!

Blessings --

Lucy said...

Very inspiring - may I link to this in my own blog? I'm envisiging a chocolate icecream cake in my hubby's new future!

Anna said...

Have at it!

Anonymous said...

Well, I just ordered a Cuisinart ice cream maker from Williams Sonoma - never owned one before!
My elderly mother was hankering after ice cream today, so....! It was $59.95. I ordered the red one!

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