Friday, June 30, 2006

Treasure Hunt: Day Seven

My dollar a piece roses from the grocery store displayed in one of the old drinking glasses I had put away with the vases when the set got too small.
Then, just for fun, the same flowers displayed in front of one of the throw pillows on my bed made from a vintage dresser scarf printed with--you guessed it--red roses. I just took the scarf, folded it wrong sides together in half to make a square, stitched up the two matching sides, slid in the pillow form, then pinned the fourth side together to hold it while I sewed on three mis-matched vintage buttons. I didn't use buttonholes, just sewed through both layers to hold the pillow closed. I love the punch of bright red against the cool lavendar.


Kelli said...

I love the roses against your pillow. Looks just like a magazine photo!

Isabella in the 21st Century said...


Thise drinking glasses are very beautiful. Are they old, pressed glass?

Anna said...

Milk glass!

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