Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Vintage Finds: Ladies Dress Patterns

Where do I begin on my list of the many reasons I love this dress? The square neckline, the portrait collar, the inset band around the skirt hem? It's even my size. Definitely next on my list of things to sew, and I will be doing it with the sleeves, thanks for asking. . .

This beauty will be perfect for cooler weather, after I size it up a couple of inches in my first attempt at such a thing. Good thing I'll be at *Denver Fabrics*(!!!!!!) in six weeks!!!

With many thanks to lanetzliving for their wonderful online vintage pattern store.


Cherish the Home said...

I watched a movie tonight that was set in the 50's and the dresses looked very similar to these. I think they're so pretty and stylish.....classic and timeless.

I hope you'll post pics when you get them done.

On the bottom dress I bet you have to wear crinolin or something like that to make the skirt poof out, don't you?

Anonymous said...

Reading this post makes me want to sew again. I used to sew my own dresses before the kids arrived. Please do post some pictures when you're done!

Anonymous said...

I can see the 3/4 sleeve dress in a plaid flannel for winter warmth!
How lovely.
You almost make me want to learn to sew- well, almost. The wish is there but the desire . . . . I more desire someone to do it for me! LOL
Hope you post pictures!

Anonymous said...

I also hope you post pictures of the final results. Have you been to Denver Fabrics before? I've been there twice, the latest visit a few weeks ago. To be honest, I like their website better, but the selection is still much better than your average Jo-Ann's or Hancock.

Happy sewing!

Kelli said...

Oh, I love the collar on the dress! So pretty. I can't wait to see it finished.

Clare said...

What gorgeous dresses! I've always been an 'Edwardian girl,' but after exploring patterns and seeing some of the lovely outfits made by the ladies on Sense and Sensibility, I've started to take an interest in the 'recent' vintage eras. Do post pictures of how they turn out!

---Mary-Therese from the S&S board

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