Thursday, July 20, 2006

Geranium Watercolor Collage

(detail of painting)

My cousin Sally asked me *months* ago to do a painting for her and I am ashamed to say that I didn't finish until today!

I started working in watercolor about ten years ago, with no art experience whatsoever, and became enchanted with it. What I found I liked the most was taking a painting and cutting the best parts out and reconstructing them in a collage. So that's what I have here, and I will be packing and shipping it in a day or two, Sally!


Cherish the Home said...

Oh my......what a lovely picture! I just love the colors.


Roberta said...

Very Beautiful! Thank you for sharing it.

Cindi said...

I am just amazed at your talent! You have a great eye for color and composition.

Anonymous said...

I am so tickled with the painting. It is beautiful. Can't wait to get it!!!! Sally

Anonymous said...

The water color is beautiful. I see where your son gets his artisitc talent! Thank you for sharing your work with us.

Kelli said...

It is just gorgeous!!!! You are very talented!

Wendy said...

Just recently found your blog. I love your pictures and this painting is BEAUTIFUL! You are very talented?

Do you sell them?

Anonymous said...

WOW. Of all the paints, I love watercolor best. I love your style!
What a good idea, too, to cut out the best parts :)

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