Thursday, August 17, 2006

Geranium Ironing Spray

One of the joys of travel is the chance to gather up goodies for home, to enjoy when the trip is over. Rather than collecting souvenir-type items or--heaven forfend--cups with words on them (!!!!), I like to bring home dish towels, aprons, clothespins, and other little things that don't take up too much space, and can spend their useful little lives bringing happy travel memories to mind.

Of course, another joy of travel is the chance to enjoy shopping in a Really Big Town. I loved cruising the aisles of that most fantastic of grocery stores, Wild Oats, in Denver. It was there that I made a new acquaintance, one that is making the task of ironing even brighter than it was before: Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Ironing Spray in Geranium.

All these years spent being a plain water girl have just been a waste of time. I can't wait to use up this bottle and then buy the Lavendar and Lemon Verbena. Addicted.


Gina said...

Geranium is my favorite of Mrs. Meyers' line! I enjoy the shower spray; it's a little treat for me :) Scent figures largely in my home. Lime essential oil spray from the local health food store is my current favorite for the bathroom, and Method grapefruit is the all-purpose cleaner in the kitchen at the moment. By the way, can you imagine guys having this discussion?? (grin)

Reviekat said...

All of her items are addictive! Enjoy your new spray. :)

Leigh Ann said...

If you live near a World Market thay sell this line as well. I think they might have some at Publix too.

Anonymous said...

I love hearing about new items for making our homes a nicer place. Ironing is not one of my favorite tasks, though I love seeing the freshly ironed garments hanging when they are done! A scented ironing spray will surely make the job a sweeter one. Thanks!

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