Friday, September 15, 2006

How to Think About Housework

Don't think: I just cleaned that.
•Think: Good thing I'll be cleaning that soon.

Don't think: I have to clean up after these messy people.
•Think: It's a blessing to live in a clean and tidy house.

Don't think: It takes too much energy to do that.
•Think: I'm exercising. This is good for my body.

Works for me!


Anonymous said...

Oh so true. It's all about attitude !

Anonymous said...

I've always like the Steiner attitude to work and life which doesn't think of housework as cleaning up a previous mess so much as clearing a space to allow something new and creative to happen in the peaceful space that has been made.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Yesterday my son dropped a bottle of bright blue paint on the kitchen floor. The pastic broke in two. I just worked in small, but quick areas, and soon it was all cleaned up. I was thankful it was washable paint, and I'm sure my son was thankful I didn't get angry. Lynn

Anonymous said...

Unrelated questions:

In your chili recipe, does it really call for 1/2 cup of chili powder?

Heather Anne said...

It really is a case of putting off the old attitudes and choosing to put on a new perspective - the task reamins the same, but there is joy in the doing! Thanks for this reminder! Last night our famiy watched a movie 'The Trial of Old Drum' A few of the 50's style dresses made me think of your lovely red dotted apron dress! Fun!

Anna said...

Yes, to the chili powder. Mine is not very hot, and that's what I use. I'm sure you can cut back on it and still have a good pot of chili.

Shari said...

i need to memorize this, and keep it as my mantra. :):)
God has been convicting me about creating a better attitude inside my heart, about cleaning and cooking. thank you for the much needed advice.

Shari said...

i blogged your post,
so i could keep it close.

Cherish the Home said...

This was so excellent Anna that I had to post it on my blog. Of course I credited and linked back to you. (o:

Mimi said...

What great ways to think about cleaning.

Anonymous said...

Anna, I just discovered your blog and have been browsing your archives (while pumping milk =). You have encouraged me a lot! I am a mom of six, 15y. to 5mos. , in a new unfinished house, with 2 months of sickness behind us, I am "a bit" overwhelmed and constantly behind (although I used to known as very organized person, LOL). So, thank you for your posts. I will keep on checking your blog from now on.
Natalija in Serbia

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