Thursday, September 07, 2006

Revisiting the Bungalow Apron

My cursory poking around in vintage fashion materials (I like to refer to those activities as "research") indicates that bungalow aprons were loose, comfortable, crisp-looking housedresses worn solely in the morning. I have long been wanting such a garment for myself for the mornings when I have to go to court (obviously, this would be for *before* leaving for court). I don't want to get dressed in a regular outfit, only to take it off at 8:30 when I put on a business suit. I don't want to hang out in my robe because I can't get anything done and don't look decent. I don't want to put on my suit because then I can't do housework comfortably without messing up my clothes. So I've been looking for my personal bungalow apron to fit these criteria:

1. It goes on in one piece; excellent for first thing in the morning when I'm not thinking yet.

2. It is domestically fabulous.

3. It does not go over the head. Consider the hot rollers.

4. Pockets for odds, ends, and bobby pins.

Front view:

Back view:

A fantastic pattern which went together beautifully--I didn't even have to change the dart placement. And it came with the applique transfers intact--that cup of coffee is definitely going on my next one.


Anonymous said...

I really like it! I love apeons!!


Anonymous said...

I can't spell! I really love your apron, not apeons *smile*


G.L.H. said...

I love your requirement that it be "domestically fabulous!"
It turned out great!

I remember my mother wearing "house dresses." They weren't always aprons--sometimes just shirtwaist dresses made cheaply. I remember the Aldens catalog offered them for around $2.98 each. Great memory--and fabulous pattern--I'm envious!

CallaLilly said...

Thanks for posting pictures! I absolutely love it! It encourages me to get my machine out again. :)

Cindi said...

That turned out lovely. I really like the idea behind the Bungalow Apron. I enjoyed the fabric you chose.

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Talk about the perfect garment!! As G.L.H. mentioned, I can remember my mom wearing "shirtwaists" around the house on her days off, but I'm really liking the bungalow apron. Yours turned out great!

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I love it, too. I remember my mom wearing house dresses.

I know exactly what you mean. In my former corporate life, I couldn't do any housework with a suit on (for one thing, I didn't want more dry cleaning bills than necessary)!

I enjoy reading your blog very much. I love the combination of attorney and vintage wife/mom/homeschooler.

Anonymous said...

Where, oh, WHERE can I find that pattern?!? I already checked on ebay - alas, none to be found. I would SO love to sew one (or three) for myself. Any suggestions on where to obtain a pattern?
I love it, and LOVE your choice of fabric/trim. Definitely domestically fabulous!

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