Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Bonfire Supper

We had perfect weather tonight for a bonfire and three families over for supper. After a gray day, the evening was chilly and almost misty. We lit the brush pile that had been growing over the summer and watched it shoot sprays and sprays of sparks up into the dark.

Inside the house we had everything laid out on the island for a nice junky supper--hot dogs and buns, Fritos, grated cheese, and a huge pot of chili that had simmered all afternoon. An urn of cider and pitcher of iced tea.

I think the best part for the children was tearing around in the dark and flickering shadows, chased by insouciant fifteen-year old boys; then coming in the house to divvy up the huge bowl of candy that had been sitting on display all through dinner.


Jenny said...

Sounds like a wonderful evening.

Randi said...

This sounds like a nice evening!

G.L.H. said...

This evening sounds like the essence of your category, "homing." Thanks for sharing it with us.

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