Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Fluffing the House and Embroidering

I had a busy day today of "fluffing the house" in preparation for guests. The sitting room had been collecting stray books; many games had wandered from the cupboard in the dining room; I had brought some ferns in from outdoors that still needed to find final homes; and I had a new little side table to make pretty with candles and a runner. In addition, I had to change sheets and freshen up children's rooms and a bathroom for our company.

I did find a few minutes this afternoon to sit down and work on my new sewing project--a vintage bedjacket. I'm having so much fun with the embroidery on the front yoke. The pattern came with the embroidery transfers unused and included! I'm using a pale pink broadcloth-type cotton for the garment, and chose embroidery floss in shades of chocolate brown, deeper pink, and ivory for some little accents. I think it would look fantastic also done in only black on a crisp white cotton, and if this comes out well I think I will make another in that colorway. It should go together quickly when the embroidery is done, and I will surely show and tell.


Jodi said...

I love to embroider - without a doubt my favorite form of handiwork. No matter the other projects I tackle, I always keep a "bit of embroidery" in my workbasket.

At the moment my workbasket is collecting dust as time has not permitted handiwork of any sort for the last four weeks. Seeing your piece makes my fingers "itch" to get busy with a needle. :o)

Lovely work, Anna; thank you for sharing.

Cindi said...

I am looking forward to seeing the finished jacket!

Jenny said...

Don't you love making the house extra pretty for guests.I always love the welcome feeling I get in other people's homes when they have done this for me. I have also experienced the other side when although asked to stay no effort was made at all. It is a horrible feeling.

Anonymous said...

What a great phrase: "fluffing the house!" I love it! I am very excited to see the finished bed jacket!

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