Friday, November 03, 2006

Comfort for Sick Babies

Daisy is suffering from a dreadful cold, tortured by congestion that makes her suddenly let out a war-cry and run for the Kleenex box to wipe unassisted. She doesn't nap when she's sick, and of course doesn't sleep well with such a stuffy nose.

Here's what I am doing for our mutual comfort:

1. Boxes of Kleenex everywhere. I think I have eight boxes in circulation downstairs.

2. A sick child should have her own bottle of saline nasal spray. This is unmedicated, but still very helpful in clearing out nasal passages for easier breathing. Of course, it should never be shared.

3. Even though Daisy usually sleeps without a pillow, I have been putting her to bed on one as raising her head keeps her a little more comfortable. A fresh, ironed pillowcase every night.

4. A humidifier by the bed, cleaned and refreshed before bedtime.

5. For me, I make sure to dress in something warm for bedtime, knowing I will be up and down. Setting aesthetics aside, I will be choosing the flannel sock monkey pajamas, and keeping my slippers handy. Even cosier, I will make sure I have a large warm blanket ready at the chair I will sit up with Daisy in.

6. Library videos for tomorrow afternoon.

And maybe tonight will be better.


G.L.H. said...

Praying that Daisy will recover quickly, and that you both get needed sleep!

Anonymous said...

Get well soon little daisy! Take care.

Kelli said...

Poor little Daisy. I hope she is feeling better soon. It sounds like her mama is taking good care of her.

Anonymous said...

Best wishes to Daisy.
On a very prosaic note, do you have Vick's rub in the US? A little of that rubbed on the chest is wonderfully warming and clearing for nightime.

Cindi said...

I hope your night went better and that Daisy is feeling better today.

Lucy said...

Sitting up with you. I am at that wide awake and coffee'd up stage, and going in so many times that I feel I'll never sleep myself. It is so good to be able to mummy our little ones when they are ill, but then we need a mummy to look after us, don't we?

Heather Anne said...

I do hope Daisy is better and that the rest of the family is protected from illness. Having been through 2 recent colds with the children, I am sold on Kiss My Face Cold and Flu Bath and room spray. We run the bath as warm as they can tolerate with the soothing bubbles and it amazingly clears the sinus for at least a few good hours of sleep. Then when the congestion returns and they become restless I love to mist the room with the room spray - no cure - just comfort as the packaging says, but very effective comfort. We also recently purchased for $12 the waterless vapourizer and it seems to be very soothing as well. Our children don't like the greesy feeling of the Vick's vaporub but like the creamy Vick's. I'm sure you also have some yummy broth at hand for comfort as well. I often put the heating pad in my rocker and turn it on when holding a sleeping sick child - that way I stay warm too! Blessings!

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