Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Vintage Rules for Married Life

"I never made a list as important as this one, [Betsy] thought, writing at the top, Rules for Married life.

1. Handle Joe's money well. That, she knew, was important. She had noticed that married people had more trouble about money than almost anything else. She would keep accounts, she resolved, and never be extravagant--unless Joe wanted to be.

2. Keep yourself looking nice when Joe's around. Don't plaster on sticky creams at night, or wear your hair in curlers. She would put up her hair after he went to work, she planned.

3. Wear pretty house dresses, like Mamma does, and see that they're always clean. Some organdy aprons would be nice, too.

4. Learn to cook. Betsy frowned over that one. You're fairly bright. You can learn if you try.

5. Always, always, be gentle and loving. No matter if you're tired or feeling cross. Papa and Mamma don't quarrel, she thought. You and Joe don't need to, either.

She read the list over several time, looking sober. Then she tore it up and, getting out of bed again, she knelt down and pressed her head against the blankets."

--Maud Hart Lovelace, Betsy's Wedding, 1955


Anonymous said...

It's been YEARS, but I remember this passage as if I read it yesterday. The other thing that stuck with me was how she would close the drapes to keep the house cool when the summer sun was shining hotly.
Thanks for the memory! Good words to apply today.

Shari said...

that's sweet.
i would feel that way about the cooking too, lol.

Leigh said...

I sure like that one! Very cute, but true, I am sure. I love your blog!!

Take care,

Anonymous said...

What a glorious mud door! Delightful. My children and I have adored your website.

Anonymous said...

Do you have a way of researching to find authors who write so beautifully? I have never heard of this author but do read a lot of Grace Livingston Hill. I found out about her from yours and other sites. Are there other author's names you could give us?

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