Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Set

The Composer's not the only one around here making movies--Felix completed his first tiny feature. Three minutes of Lego man vs. Lego dinosaur, complete with pirated score and real editing done on the Composer's software. Don't you love the set? Especially the rolling hill in the background made from an afghan.


Anonymous said...

Hey, that is pretty cool! I really like the trees. The "hill" is great too!

What kind of movie is your husband making??? Are you some sort of "famous" people behind a blog??? hee hee. Come on Anna, give it up. :-)


P.S. Did the feeding of many go well? My guess is that it went great - especially since you have posted other occasions of hosting many.

Janel said...


We're all famous people... It just depends on whether it's in the eyes of our toddler or half the population of NYC. :)

Love the set! I hope you're feast goes well today. :)

Anonymous said...


Yes, I guess you are right....I have people screaming to see me all the time...they are short, kind of messy, really LOUD, and can't read.....oh, yes, my children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hee hee

Anna said...


Yes, I fed the masses yesterday and it went just fine. The band whose video was being shot were all extremely gracious and grateful for the food--which was delightfully incongruous considering the fact that they were all Nordically tall and outfitted in their edgy clothes. I'll post pix later--it was fun!


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to cheer Felix on! I have an eight year-old Lego maniac. He would love to see Felix's movie. Did he submit it to the Lego web-site?

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