Monday, January 15, 2007

Vintage Fifties Housecoat: McCall 7481

Carol K. graciously lent me this fabulous housecoat pattern. I knew I would sew it up in the big, big collar version because how often do you get to do that? Not often enough.

And boy, did I luck out at the fabric store!! Who knew I'd find flannel in that great fifties aqua color, printed with DOUGHNUTS!!

And imagine my surprise when I found FIFTEEN matching vintage buttons in my stash. Shaped. Like. Doughnuts.

So, although this housecoat makes me look like Mrs. Jetson (according to the Composer), I know it was meant to be.


Jenny said...

Great housecoat. I love that pattern. I'm not so sure I would wear that fabric but I'm sure it looks great on you.

Anonymous said...

That it too cool Anna!!! I love the colours. My 3 year old, Samuel, LOVES doughnuts (ok, so I don't feed them to him on a regular basis, but his daddy takes him "out for a doughnut" on occasion). If that were my housecoat, Samuel would be following me around all morning going "WHAT IS THAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTT!!!!!" pointing of course to all the doughnuts!!

Anonymous said...

Wow. You are such a talented seamstress; it really does inspire me to keep at my little sewing projects.
Thanks for showing us all your finished projects!

Cindi said...

How darling!

Anonymous said...

Oh thats lovely! The fabric is smashing!

PrairieSunrise from S&S

G.L.H. said...

How wonderful to find the Perfect Buttons! I don't know if I have fifteen of anything in my stash!

Cute, cute housecoat! (love the 50's/60's word "housecoat" as opposed to "Robe.")

Anonymous said...


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Have a nice day!

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Kelli said...

The fabric is wonderful and donut buttons?! How perfect is that!! I'll bet you look great in it!

Hopewell said...

Absolutely Awesome! I bet that pattern was in my Grandmother's sewing stuff!! LOVE the fabric

Mrs. Simonsays said...

Oh My, that is so adorable. I never would be able to envision something like this. Too cute!

Jamie said...

I love donuts and I would LOVE that cozy housecoat!

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