Saturday, March 31, 2007

Thrifted Goodies

Oh my. My best catch ever yesterday! I frequently stop in at the thrift store on Friday if I have a few extra minutes in town, and I'm so glad I did. See my fabulous mid-century turquoise ice bucket in perfect pristine condition? Fifty cents.

Flawless organdy aprons (red and white) crying out for embroidery. A length of dainty pink fabric with rosebuds. A Five Little Peppers book for $1.50. Two charming saucers with cornflowers on them for the top of Bella's dresser. My other crown jewel, Friday to Monday, by Irene Parrott (1941), an amazing book with line drawings--a guide to entertaining your city friends at your country home ("Be it Castle, Cottage, or Camp")--another $1.50 find. LOVE the chapter on "Number One Guest."

"Are you a week-end hostess to your husband? Tricks that make his short holiday seem more leisurely! The whole idea of going slow, making the week-end last, can commence the minute you meet the train--or even before. Of course you have arrived early enough to get a good parking place. And since you haven't asked John to act as personal shopper and express man combined, he won't be burdened with bundles. Neither will you have to stop in the village to do any last minute shopping on the way home . . ."

What a slice of retro life!


AmeliaB said...

Beautiful finds. Just this week we found a box of old children's books(think Childcraft). In "Things to Make and Do" they had all of these wonderful retro pictures and crafts for kids. Your books sound so wonderful.


Heather K said...

Is that ever pretty.... I love that colour!

Missy K said...


I have been reading your lovely, lovely blog for some time-- once I discovered it, I even dipped into the archives. Thank you for making this space of beauty and grace on the web. I am blessed every time I visit.

Additionally, I have set out the materials for Schoolhouse Brownies for later today!

Enjoy your weekend.

Happy Homemaker said...

What great finds! I love to find bargains that can be repurposed or spruced up.

Gina said...

Can't believe you found those wonderful things at the thrift store--wonderful! Makes me want to go.

Anonymous said...

Anna, your family life is so charming! I peeked around the archives and saw you seem to be tv free? Have you always been? It is so uncommon these days, but it seems to have worked out well for you all.

Anonymous said...

"Are you a week-end hostess to your husband? Tricks that make his short holiday seem more leisurely!"

Wow! My husband works so hard during the week (and every 3rd Sat) that I do try to make his weekend relaxing. When he gets home Friday afternoon, the kids and I always try to have a little "welcome to your weekend" something. Whether it's a pitcher of cold sweet-tea, the fire-pit ready for a cookout, or his chair ready for some relaxation.

From the statement above, I realize that there are many more little things that we can incorporate into our weekend to make his "short holiday" special every week. I'm going to search out that book! Of course, I probably won't find it for $1.50!!

Thanx for sharing.

Unknown said...

Now that's a good reason to stop by our local thrift stores.
I'll try to remember to add it to my schedule.

Aimee said...

ooooohhhh, groovy finds! :)
what a fun friday!

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