Monday, April 23, 2007

Another Wedding Shower

Sunday we hosted another wedding shower--this time for the brother of the bride we showered in January. Such a dear family!

I kept the food and decor on the manly side, since both men and women were invited. So a tailored cake made by my talented friend Carol (I provided the sliced pear garnish, although it was an apple spice cake--I just couldn't resist the brown and cream colors).

Instead of flowers, a giant vase of oak leaf hydrangea branches and a fishbowl (that's Bella's fish Chester showing off in there) decorated the table, along with a few river rocks.

Lots of lemonade:

And a very nice time.


AmeliaB said...

How simple and elegant. Your pictures are so lovely.


Julian said...

very simple, yet elegant as always. It did have a more masculine hint to it, and yet it was very nice.
Great job!

Anonymous said...

wonderful pictures, such beautiful colours.
love Denise

Anonymous said...

That lemonade looks so yummy! Do you have a favorite recipe for it you could share?

Anonymous said...

Good idea to use the leaves as a centerpiece. And the fish & rocks add interest. Decorating for a gentleman's party, elegantly, is difficult. Thanks for sharing!

Anna said...


I almost always make my lemonade out of frozen concentrate--I think it's delicious! It's so easy, and its easily dressed up with ciitrus slices and fresh mint.

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