Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Forgotten Flowers

At my favorite abandoned homestead the narcissi have come into bloom under the apple trees--so this afternoon the kids and I set out with baskets and buckets to take advantage.

Notwithstanding the piles of junk.

Daisy sported a breezy new dress:

Her flowers are picked especially for their short stems, perfect for a tiny bouquet in her windowsill.

I went for longer stems on mine.


Melissa said...

Anna - Do you have a picture of the abandoned homestead you can share?

Lovely photos!!

Anonymous said...

I know nothing about blogging but hopefully I'm doing this right...
A quick question: I was awed by the talent you possess in sewing. As a 26 yr. old non-sewer is it to late for me to learn? Can I do it on my own? I haven't lived here long and don't know anyone who sews.

P.S. I LOVE your decorating taste!

homespun living said...

Having just found your blog I thought I would go back and read it from the beginning. It was like a good book~I didn't want to put it down! It is very inspiring, I love your sewing, and I have printed several of the recipes to try. Thanks for sharing!

Anna said...

Melissa--look at the Feb. 26, 2007 archive--Giles did some nice photos that day.

New Mom--yes you can learn! Get a simple pattern at the fabric store and follow the instructions. Maybe a skirt?

Thanks Deb!

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