Thursday, April 19, 2007

To Do


Josiah and Anna said...

Hi! This is totally not about the post, but I saw you have a gardening section and I have a gardening question. How would you go about moving a tree that's about a year old? I planted it outside my back door (I live in Mozambique Africa) and then they put a veranda up, so now it's about 8 feet tall and touches the veranda roof so I need to move it but don't want to just kill it. Any suggestions??

Anonymous said...

I love the simple picture of the "To Do List"

I was wondering who inspired you to learn to sew? Did someone special teach you? ...and do the girls love the art of homemaking as much as you do?

Anna said...

Moving large trees is lots of work and risky as well! I can only suggest digging the root ball as large as possible and then watering faithfully--something I've often intended and often forgotten to do.

Sewing: I was driven to it by my inability to find anything halfway decent for my girls for Easter. I ended up sewing them sweet and simple matching dresses. After about fourteen of those (seriously) I attempted to make myself an apron, and it snowballed from there.

Clara loves many things domestic. She is something of a busy bee, except when she gets distracted by books. Bella loves to cook and is truly wonderful with Daisy--as patient as a saint, which is sort of surprising if you know Bella!

Anonymous said...

I received my Cath Kidston Summer catalog yesterday, too. My "to do" list was long & I ended my day falling asleep, catalog in hand. I told my husband that I just had to buy something, so I could stay on the mailing list. ;) She's so inspiring...she's really helped me create beauty in the kithen & utility room.

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