Thursday, April 12, 2007


The mythical Mildred sets a high standard for the weekend road trip . . .

"She wouldn't think of starting, even on a dog day, without throwing a couple of coats into the rumble. She also takes a handy little clean-up kit which holds soap, wash cloth, cleansing cream, tissues, eye cup and lotion. Speaking of eyes they have sun glasses which were fitted, and which they never leave behind! The rest of the luggage is light and compact. A small overnight bag holds toilet articles, slippers, robe and nightgown. 'I try to choose a wrinkle-resistant material for my motoring costumes,' Mildred confided. 'Something that can stand sitting down!' She prefers a lightweight dress with matching jacket. simple enough for a sandwich at a lunch wagon, sophisticated enough to dine at a smart road side inn.

As head of the commissary department Mildred also sees to it that there is some food in the car, even if it's only a few chocolate bars. She stocks up on cigarettes and matches, and usually takes along a thermos full of something to drink . . ."

"Vagabonding", Friday to Monday, Irene Parrott (1941)


Genuine Lustre said...

I am so ready to don my country tweeds and take a road trip with Mildred. Sounds like a great excuse to wear a chiffon scarf.

Abigail said...

My oldest daughter's name is Mildred, and I'll try to shroud this book from her.

Stocks up on cigarettes and matches!

She's barely four and a half years old.
Have a heart!

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