Saturday, May 26, 2007

"The Dining Room Must Be Well Aired"

"When in use the dining room must be well aired, scrupulously clean, and free from dust. It is best to air the room before each meal. A vacuum cleaner and oil floor mops are useful aids in cleaning. But the room must be not only clean; it must also be attractive. Flowers arranged in low bowls or a simple centerpiece of fruit add a charm to the table both at mealtime and throughout the day. The glass must be sparkling, the china clean, the silver untarnished, the linen spotless.

Between meals the table may be left bare, or it may be ornamented with a bowl of flowers, or a pot and plant with or without a table runner."

--Everyday Foods, Harris and Lacey


Anonymous said...

Which begs the question: what are oil floor mops?

Lovely, lovely blog, Anna.


Elisabeth Black said...

Hey, no problem. My dining room always looks like that. Oh, wait, I don't have a dining room. :)

Anonymous said...

My dining room is coming along, and thanks to this post, Anna, I ran out and picked a bouqet for the table!! See it here!
Thanks for the inspiration!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Anna, You inspire me to really, really, live the moment with my family, my freshly mown lawn, my beautiful wildflowers that my girls love to pick, and my Wonderful GOD. Thank You!!!!

YayaOrchid said...

Such a lovely inspiring blog!


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