Thursday, May 31, 2007

Finishing Well

I am happy to report that we have finished school for the year. Bella coasted in easily in mid-May, Giles worked extremely hard and had finals and completed his work around the same time, Felix picked up some big slack in composition last week, and Clara furiously nine-tupled up on math lessons in order to finish this last Saturday.

I realized a new benefit of homeschooling this year, one I'd never noticed. The way I remember my school days, as we wound down to the end of the school year, class time became less and less about getting anything done. We had parties, we had programs, we had playtime, and we drifted through the last weeks of the school calendar.

On the other hand, homeschooling is done when the work is done, not when the end date is reached. My kids are learning to budget their time, and the dire consequences of putting off what needs to be done.

I think this way is better.


Mrs. MK said...

I remember doing those last few math lessons by the dozen in my excitement to be nearing the end of the textbook and summer's freedom!

Congratulations to each of you!!

Delete said...

Anna-I heard a group of young adults who had been homeschooled their whole lives speak at our homeschool conference. 3 of them made the point to say that they have found that their time management skills far exceed those of their peers in college. None of the HS's understood the idea of not doing your homework. To them your work has to be done and it will continue to sit there until you do it.

It was very interesting to hear them speak.


PaperCrank said...

I totally agree with your comments about traditional schooling and benefits of homeschooling. It is so important to teach our children through, not only text-book learning, but also through our actions and their consequences. Slowly but surely, I think my children are getting the hang of it!

Congratulations on finishing well!

Anonymous said...

We are finished with our vocabulary, spelling, grammar, and history for this year. I make sure the children have a couple of math lessons per week during the summer, and we continue to review our Greek and Latin vocabulary once a week. Since we're outside gardening, swimming, and hiking all summer long, science can't really be considered done, can it? Also, my children are avid readers, so they will dominate the public library's summer reading program and while away many hours reading in the hammock or on the front porch. Have a lovely summer!

Marie said...

I agree. My Nanny Bird (9 y.o.) is just finishing her math book, and I notice the last chapter is lines and graphs and charts - useful, but if you skip it, you would hardly notice next year.

I think it's because a lot of schools don't finish the texts (we frequently didn't when I was in public school) and so they put some easily neglected information at the end.

Heather said...

I had to chuckle when you said that Clare "nine-tupled" on her math lessons! And I agree with you totally about time management and pushing forward until the end. We are still working, but my 11 yo isn't willing to "nine-tuple" so she is still plodding through. But it has been a terrific lesson on budgeting her time, being diligent, persevering, etc. Hope you are having a great weekend.

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