Tuesday, May 15, 2007

"The Meal Planner's Creed"

"The health of my family is in my care; therefore--
I will spare no effort in planning the right kinds of food in the right amounts.

Spending the food dollar for maximum value is my job; therefore--
I will choose from the variously priced foods to save money without sacrificing health.

My family's enjoyment of food is my responsibility; therefore-
I will increase their pleasure by planning for variety, for flavorful dishes, for attractive color, for appetizing combinations.

My family's health, security, and pleasure depend on my skill in planning meals; therefore--
I will treat my job with the respect that is due it."

The Modern Family Cookbook, Meta Given, 1942.


Bonnie said...

How appropriate (sp?) that I read this this morning, as today is menu planning day!
Heve a lovely Wednesday

Margaret in VA said...

That's terrific! I love old housekeeping books!

Anonymous said...

When I married, my mother gave me her copy of this cookbook. My grandmother had given it to mother when she married. I have always liked to "read" the little instructions.

Heather Anne said...

How did we allow ourselves to get so far from this wonderful ideal in such a short space of years?

I hear many women complain about the task of feeding their families. Our grocery stores suggest that this 'drudgery' can be avoided by the purchase of fully prepared meals. The abundance of restaurants indicate our desire to sit down to a nice meal - so much so that we are willing to pay others to do the 'work'. It is such a great expense, that some women are working outside the home just to pay for meals - meals that could be far more enconomically and nutritionally made at home. It's no longer a once in a while treat to eat out.

Health is also a major issue - many prepared foods and restaurant meals contain high levels of fats, salt and sugar that you don't even expect, and don't let me get started on hidden chemicals, flavor enhancement and preservatives!

Oh, excuse me! I'm terribly sorry! I didn't mean to get out my soapbox! I'll be quiet now!

Though I am a very simple and rather plain sort of cook, it is my honor and privledge to serve my family in meal planning, and I pray that I shall always feel this is so.

Alycia said...

Thank you very much. I enjoy reading your blogs very much and have placed your site links on my blog. I hope that is okay. I am new in this blogging adventure but am enjoying it so far! Have a blessed day!

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