Monday, June 25, 2007

"The Big Hamper"

"They reached a lovely grove at sundown and stopped by the way to have supper. Graham got down and made George help him get out the big hamper.

There was a most delectable lunch; sandwiches of delicate and unknown condiments, salad as bewildering, soup that had been kept hot in a thermos bottle, served in tiny white cups, iced tea and ice-cream meringues from another thermos compartment, and plenty of delicious little cakes, olives, nuts, bonbons, and fruit. It seemed a wonderful supper to them all, eaten out there under the trees, with the birds beginning their vesper songs and the stars peeping out slyly. Then they packed up their dishes and hurried on their beautiful way, a silver thread of a moon coming out to make the scene more lovely.

Doris was almost asleep when at last they began to hear the booming of the sea . . . ."

--Grace Livingston Hill, The Enchanted Barn


Anonymous said...

This is one of my favorites books by GLH. The story of how the family transforms the barn into a cozy home, and all their adventures is charming. And the picnic sures sounds wonderful!

Charity Grace said...

Hmmm, I'm going to the library tomorrow. I'll definitely have to see if they have this GLH book.

Anonymous said...

One of my favorites as well. I guess that is why I have thought about transforming a barn unto a house since I was in high school. However, maybe I should dream about an old schoolhouse! What do you think Anne?

Anne your sewing has inspired me to give it a try!

Anneatheart said...

Hi Anna,

I've been a reader of your blog for a good while, a year I think! I also post on the Beautiful Womanhood board on ezboard. Anyways, I have tried several times, like at least 10, to make a dress for myself. I just can't seem to get things fitted just right, even in a simple garment. I'm ready to give up on this whole feminine dress thing because of it. (I cannot afford ready made modest dresses in my size) I am plus sized at the moment, and you make beautiful dresses. Can you give me any tips on how you fit yourself? I don't have a dressform, which I guess could be part of the problem. I have a blog you can comment on- or an email address-

Thank so much and I have so enjoyed your beautiful blog! Thanks!!

Jessica, mama to three busy girls under age 4!

Jen said...

I just finished reading this--my first GLH. Thanks for bringing this wonderful author to our attention.

I enjoy reading your blog. Your life seems like one from another time. When the day is hectic, I enjoy checking to see what beautiful new photos you've posted.

Anonymous said...

This is one of my favorite GLH books,too! I shared it (and some other GLH books) with my mother in law. Her comment was that it was rather far fetched, as most of them were and she got tired of the detail. She is blunt and to the point. I guess it takes those of us who are practical and those of us who love whimsey to make the world go around! :)


Anonymous said...

I have every Grace Livingston Hill Book written, passed down to me by my grandmother back in the early sixties (yes, that makes me forty-ish . . .!) To this very day, there is always one on my bedside table. Some of my absolute favorites: "Partners", "Happiness Hill", "Christmas Bride", "Blue Ruin", "Brentwood". Too many to name--I guess they are all favorites. Good to see someone else who appreciates her work.

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