Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Fun with Dick and Jane Fabric

For the past year I have been finding unending inspiration in Daisy's Dick and Jane books. Mother is always dressed in something crisp and appropriate, has the best aprons, and oh, the picnic outing in the car. So when I came across actual Dick and Jane fabric at the quilt shop last week, I brought some home.

A tiny tote bag for a baby shopper (in the Etsy shop):

Fun bibs for drooly babies:

"See Jane run. See Dick run."

(These two not in the shop, email or comment if you're interested!)


Anonymous said...

Those are cute. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the colors in that last bib, so cute.

Anonymous said...

The tote bag is so cute...could you share what pattern you used for the bag? I really like the way you layed out the fabric for it.

Bonnie said...

Very cute. I bought a Dick and Jane calender this year, and can hardly wait to pull it apart and put the pictures up!

Anita said...

Bummer! I was hoping to buy that bag and it's already gone. Any chance of another? It's absolutely darling!

Anonymous said...

Please, please .... please .. will you consider sending to the UK.I adore your items.

Am interested in the bibs for my new babe due end of September.

all love

Anna said...

Anita--I'll be happy to do another bag! They're lots of fun. It won't be exactly the same, so I'll post pictures and you can decide.

Denise, I'll be happy to send to the UK if you don't mind paying the shipping! E-mail me at pleasantviewschoolhouse (at)

Knit-Wit said...

Too Cute! I love Dick and Jane.

tamlovesran said...

I love them! You are very talented.

God bless,

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