Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tea Cosies

The Composer took the kids out this evening to a minor league baseball game, but Daisy and I opted to stay home, having just been to the city yesterday for a rousing day of Taking Great-Grandmother to the Doctor.

At dinner he wondered aloud how we might spend the evening, which was polite of him, since he knows very well that I am currently obsessed by my sewing projects.

I can't stop making tea cosies.

Vintage embroidered tea towel, picturing a kitty on a climbing on a fork and spoon jungle gym, trimmed with rickrack scallops. Lined with flannel.

Vintage table runner, in soft red and green, back is made from gorgeous soft green flocked cotton, lined with white flannel, ribbon tab is vintage from my mother's prom dress in 1963.

In the shop!


Bonnie said...

LOVE them- Do you use an actual pattern, or just eyeball it?

G.L.H. said...

So lovely--and don't you love using things such as prom dress ribbons?

Elaine said...

Embroidered tea cozy - I love it.

Elisabeth Black said...

I'm so in love with rickrack right now.

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