Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Beauty Oasis

Yesterday was a powerful 107 degrees. Clara was just back from camp with two weeks of laundry, I changed all the sheets and had regular laundry day, and I took it in my head to mop all the downstairs floors. Which entailed dusting and vacuuming first. In fact, I worked so hard I didn't see the need to swim "laptops", as Daisy calls them--it was a housework workout.

So imagine how good it felt to run into town in the late afternoon for a quick bang trim at the salon. Giles came along with his camera: there's beauty everywhere.


DonnaB said...

Your son has such a great talent in taking pictures!

Unknown said...

I just want to pop in and say...WOW! I love your blog and your son's pictures are stunning and I love his eye for detail! I just had to post! I am very new at the blog scene and have come across many truly wonderful people. I just wanted to thank you for sharing a little bit of your story...it truly is a wonderful story! Hugs.

Sweet Woodruff said...

Ohhhh...I like number 3.

Family W said...

The pictures are great! What kind of camera does he use?

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